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With a broken heart, it’s devastating to register the fact that after about 5 years of battling Yeneh Machlah, at the young age of 21, our precious Chany has returned her נשמה to the creator. Chany never had the זכות to leave a legacy of an ערליכע and תורהדיגע family. And therefore we will אי”ה be writing a Sefer Torah לזכר נשמתה to keep Chany’s legacy alive.
Chany would always light up the world wherever she went. She would always see the good in every person and situation, she had a real עין טובה. Chany’s love for life was tangible. Her excitement was contagious. She never complained even when she was going through the hardest of treatments.
Chany’s belief in הקדוש ברוך הוא is to be admired and learned from. Her Emunah and Bitachon were dynamically strong. On one of her many hospital visits, her friend asked “who is going to stay with you?” Chany didn’t hesitate to answer back “Hashem!, He’s always with me”. She was מקבל all the יסורים, treatments and surgeries באהבה.
Chany’s friends can attest to her בין אדם לחברו. Whenever she met someone, she forged an incredible connection. And with her positive personality, she made everyone around her feel like a million dollars. As one of her friends recounted when she took Chany to one of her chemo treatments. Chany would greet each and every nurse and receptionist with the cheeriest hello and personal comment.
And that’s why we are turning to you to help us reach our goal of writing a sefer torah and keeping her memory alive. Thank You and Tizku Lemitzvos.


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