Yakov Yosef Klein



  1. Totty

    In honor of my dearest Yaakov Yosef נ”י,
    YY, your exemplary middos, yiras shomayim along with your cheshkas hatorah are to be envied!
    Keep up your good work and you will shteig to heights you have never imagined!
    Love Totty

  2. Gershon Tenenbaum

    In honor of Yakov Yosef Klein who’s continued aliyah is representative of this great yeshiva. עלה והצלח!
    The Tenenbaums

  3. Yaakov Yosef Klein

    Thank you to all the people who helped me reach half my goal within the first 24 hours

  4. Uncle latke

    Bzchuz R’ Meir. Yaakov Yosef, keep up being the best Yaakov yosef Klein you can possibly be.

  5. Mordchele Kugelman

    Keep on Shteiging, Chazak pump away
    Can’t wait to meet you again in Rockland

    לע”נ ר ישראל דוד ז”ל בן יבלחט”א ר חיים משה ני”ו

  6. Uncle Shauly

    In honor of my dear Bro Reb Hershel. Yakov Yosef Keep up your shteiging & giving nachas to your parents, grandparents & all Klal Yisrael

  7. R Bob Hakatan

    Yaakov Yosef You are such a rockstar!!!

  8. Yaakov Yosef Klein

    Thank you for helping me reach my goal!!!

  9. Yochanan Scherman

    In honor of the greatest nephew, Yakov Yosef!!!

    Keep shteiging! You make us all so proud!

    Uncle Yochanan and Tante Esty

  10. Tzvi (Heshy) Klein

    In honor of the choshuve Rebbeim and Principals and all of the devoted staff at Mesivta Shaarei Arazim!

    Thank you for the great work you are doing with our YY and all of your other students!

    Mesivta Shaarei Arazim is the Golden Standard of Mesivtas cultivating bnei torah and providing kelal yisrael with the next generation of gedolei yisroel!


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