Ari Kuznicki


  • I am in the 12th grade.
  • I am in the Gymnastics elective for my Extra Curricular Program on weeknights.
  • I love Shaarei Arazim because the students and rebbeim care about each other.


  1. Jacob Worenklein

    Dear Ari,

    I so enjoyed our conversation during our Chanukah lunch and I am so impressed with the variety and intensity of your academic land sports activities. Most important, you are a wonderful person with wonderful midos. I hope to see you and your family again soon. Love, Uncle Jay

  2. Sylvia

    Dearest Ari,
    Wishing you the best of luck in reaching your goal! We are so proud of how you have matured and are glad to support your yeshiva. May you continue to bring us loads of nachas. With love,
    Bubby & Zeidy Worenklein

  3. Doniel Kramer

    Dear Ari,
    May HaShem grant you hatzlachah rabbah in all of your endeavors.
    May you continue to be a source of Yiddishe nachas to your family, friends, Yeshiva and Klal Yisrael.
    Kol tuv
    Doniel Kramer

  4. David Worenklein

    Dear Ari,
    Yasher koach on your hard work fundraising for your yeshiva. We can’t wait to see you again in person.
    Leah, David and Eliana Worenklein


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