Avi Ilowitz


  • I am in the 11th grade.
  • I am in the Video Editing & Computer Programming electives for my Extra Curricular Program on weeknights & Sunday afternoons.
  • I am in the Running class during our daily Phys. Ed class.
  • I love Shaarei Arazim because of their very diverse opputunities and the way they push me to succeed.


  1. Debbie Weissbraun

    Avi has been very successful in selling me a ticket to help him to reach his goal . He has all the techniques of a good salesman …. polite,persistent and persuasive. I wish him hatzlocho in attaining his target and continue to steig in Shaarei Arazim.

  2. David Ilowitz

    Avi, you are the man!! Keep up the good work!!

  3. Yossie Lerman

    Keep up the great work. You are making your parents and the entire klal Yisroel very proud!

  4. Gitti Weinstock

    Avi. You are amazing . Even though you had to remind me twice to donate, you did not give up. A great attribute for your whole life.Keep going and dont give up. You are making us all proud.

  5. Tzorti steinmetz

    Avi was such a polite and good salesman. His middos and talents will bezras hashem take him far in life… Was a pleasure to talk to!

  6. sora bulka

    I can only echo the other comments. Avi is devoted to his Yeshiva and very politely persistent in collecting his donations. Continued hatzlacha in all your endeavors and continue to be a nachas to your family.

  7. mendel meisels

    I had the pleasure to teach Avi and other students at the yeshiva programming skills, Avi is one bright kid and i predict a great future ahead, he will be a great software developer.one day or a Rabbi if he so chooses.
    Rock On Avi…

  8. Yisroel and Judy fine

    We have watched you grow up into a lovely young man giving lots of naches to your parents and grandparents. You are a credit to your yeshiva and Rebe’im so it is a pleasure for us to support you and help you reach your goal.

  9. David Posen

    Avi, Hatzlocha Rabbah form your British cousins. We are very proud of you.
    Danny & Sarah Fine
    Shraga & Hindy Zaltzman
    Dovid & Adina Posen

  10. Ilowitz

    Wow Avi, that was amazing! Keep up the good work on this worthy cause. You’re always full of simchas hachaim and never give up. Lots of Hatzlacha! Love, Daddy & Mommy

  11. Yitz Lowinger

    Avi s efforts to excel spirituality is palpable whether in davening or learning his commitment to his Yeshiva is Herculean and after training and achieving a15 k run he is a Superman

  12. Debbie Weissbraun

    So proud of all you have achieved Avi at Shaarei Arazim and hope you reach whatever goal you set for yourself… both for this initiative and in your learning.

  13. Yitz lowinger

    Avi is an amazing person his growth in Torah and mentchlichkiet in the last few years is a blessing to behold avi isn’t just a mentch he is a gentleman!

  14. Nechemia Renzoni

    Avi, B’hatzlacha with all of your talents, May you use them for making the world a better place!

  15. Shai Dahan

    Keep up the amazing work Avi. Soak in all Shaarei Arazim has to offer! Hatzlacha

  16. Yitzchok Scherman

    Avi, I’m so proud of your accomplishments! Keep it up!

  17. Yitzchok Scherman

    Avi, I’m so proud of you! Keep on Shteiging!

  18. Yakov Ilowitz

    I don’t have a lot of money to give but I will always find something to give you keep up the great work Avi!!!!


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Facts about the Shaarei Arazim raffle campaign

✔︎ Purpose of the raffle – 100% of profits of the raffle are set aside as scholarships for students who cannot afford tuition.

✔︎ Life skill lesson benefits from the raffle campaign for the Shaarei Arazim Students.

While the raffle serves as a much-needed fundraiser to the Yeshiva, the real success can only be measured by the many life skills lessons that the students are learning by participating in this campaign. To list just a few:

Goal Setting

The boys learn the power of setting goals. Last year, every Talmid reached the goal he had set for himself, and many exceeded them. They clearly saw that having a clear goal gives them focus, and spurred them toward greater achievements.

Overcoming Fears

Whether it is the fear of rejection, failure, or approaching strangers, or speaking in public, the raffle campaign forces our Talmidim to face their fears head-on and overcome them.

Increased Self-Awareness

“How much can I really accomplish?”; “What are my true strengths?”; “Do I have limits other than the ones I put on myself?” As the boys set new records for the number of tickets sold, while maintaining the integrity of their sedorim, they gain new invaluable insights into their own amazing abilities.


By achieving more than they thought possible, the Talmidim come to understand that they can do anything they set their mind to.

Problem Solving

“I have no one to call!” Our boys learn not to be stymied by seemingly insurmountable problems. Whether by making lists, networking, or simply wracking their brains, the boy finds that, their motivation unlocks a fountain of ingenuity to help overcome obstacles.

Prioritizing & Time Management

With the raffle deadline fast approaching; the boys need to learn how to make the most of small windows of available time, and to forgo some discretionary activities for the sake of a more important need.

Communication & Presentation

Selling tickets requires the Bachurim to learn how to express themselves clearly and with confidence, while at the same time, representing themselves and the Yeshiva positively.



Positive Feelings toward themselves and to the Yeshiva

✔︎ The Grand Prize is $100,000.

✔︎ First Prize is a trip to Israel for two.

✔︎ Second Prize is $1,000 (for 5 winners).

✔︎ The drawing is February 4, 2021.

Facts about Mesivta Shaarei Arazim  

✔︎ Mesivta Shaarei Arazim founded in 2000, is a yeshiva high school that follows a full educational and extracurricular philosophy of the Torah-based dictum “Chanoch Lanaar Al Pi Darko” and Success Breeds Success Curriculum.

✔︎ Shaarei Arazim has 3 branches worldwide –  Arzei Levono in Beit Shemesh and Mesivta Shaarei Adirim in Chicago. In addition, many other yeshivos nationwide have used our curriculums and programs extensively.

✔︎ Shaarei Arazim has opened 3 Community-wide After School Programs for younger children, ages 8-12 in Monsey and Lakewood.