Eli Berliner

About me

I just made a Siyum on מסכת, and I feel like I accomplished a lot with doing it. I hope I reach my goal with your help.


  1. uncle Eli Milstein

    In honor of my choshive nephew Eli Berliner Ben my very Choshive Shvuger Avrami Berliner.

  2. Chana Greenfeld

    May you grow up to be a big Talmud Chochom and may you use your confidence,( as you cold called now), to serve your community well!

  3. Avrumi Berliner

    In honor of our dear son, Eli Berliner. We’re so proud of you!! Keep up the great work! May you continue to have Hatzlacha in everything and may you give us much nachas!

  4. naftali Rosenfeld

    I knew you can do this, WOW!!
    keep it up Eli

  5. Eli

    Keep it up

  6. Uncle Shloime

    Go Eli!

  7. The zauderer family

    Mazal Tov!!!

  8. Elimelech Firer

    In honor of Eli Berliner, my drinking partner at Kiddush. I have watched you grow up through the years and you have shown me how special you are and dedicated in your learning. I have great faith that you will grow up to be a big Talmud scholar. Keep up the great work. L’Chaim!

    1. Eli

      Thank you Mel I really appreciate it You to.

  9. Chana Greenfeld

    May you continue being the polite and eidel bochur that you are and may you be zoche to make siyum after siyum iyH.

  10. Uncle Chaim

    Shteig away Eli


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